Not so perfect, not so young

Friday, June 29, 2007


I'm planning to start posting again to record some of my experiences traveling in Africa and England this summer. I'm hoping that my feed to facebook will work, but if it doesn't, please stop by from time to time for updates if you're interested.

I'm very excited for the trip, but it's very hard to know if I'm prepared enough. We have pretty tight weight restrictions for checked baggage and carry-ons. It really helps that Daniel is willing to take the kitchen sink along in his carry-on luggage, so I'm free to pack a few more luxuries (like more than 2 pairs of shoes, and an extra sweater or two). It snowed in Cape Town this week! I'm glad I packed a toque.

Anyway, I'll try to post a few adventures along the way, but I'm hoping they aren't TOO exciting (e.g., encounters with large carnivorous animals). Love to all family and friends, and hope you have a great summer.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Some advice

In my new job, I've had to participate in a number of conferences with educators and parents. It's been fine so far, but boy, was I ever grateful to come upon this highly-nuanced list of Dos and Don'ts related to body language in business settings.

A few highlights:

18. When you pinch the bridge of your nose with your eyes closed, you'll come across in a negative manner.
(You think? I am refraining from giving a specific example of someone who would actually benefit from this one.)

17. Don't rub your eyes with your hands: it signals disbelief at the situation.
(I'm a bit disappointed about this one - I had been using it a lot.)

13. Don’t blink excessively. People will be distracted and wonder if there's something wrong with you.
(This one's for Daniel, not that he reads my blog. Someone tell him.)

71. Don’t shake your fists at someone, as it is extremely aggressive.
(Wha. . ?)

72. Clenched fists raised in the air will indicate that you’re overjoyed or thrilled. Avoid doing this when situations call for restraint.
(If you say so. I saw the principal of a school do this just the other day.)

I hope that the complete list will help to increase your success in business and social interactions. Happy reading.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The writing on the wall

Some background: Daniel and I bought our house from a couple, Tom and Christine, who were in the midst of a divorce. Things appeared to be amicable, but there was certainly some tension between Tom and Christine when we viewed the house before deciding to buy.

Tonight I got a bit "rippy", and started tearing off the old wallpaper in our bedroom. I also pried off the chair rail, to get better access for wallpaper tearing purposes. Under the first piece I removed, I found written in blue crayon, "Tom loves Christine".

Daniel pried off a few more pieces, and on the opposite wall he found, "Christine loves Tom".

Sweet or sad? What do you think? The house sure has a bit of history. I'm glad that walls can't talk. I'm not sure how many more messages I want to find as we tear things up.

*names have been changed, of course, to protect the lovelorn.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I walked into a grade one classroom to get a student for speech evaluation recently, and the whole class was crowded around a cage to look at a bunny someone had brought in. The scene was a bit chaotic. Before I could find the student I was looking for, a little boy with ridiculously messy hair came up and demanded to know who I was.

"I'm Mrs. Atkins," I said.

"No you're not!" he accused as he marched away and began swinging from the coat rack.

"You're Mrs. Nobody!"

I'm having days like this quite often lately.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Now I've truly arrived.

Jena, I finally tried one of those poppy-seed buns from the Maple Leaf bakery. You're right - they are amazing! Way to go, Moose Jaw.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

A little explanation. . .

No, I have not been posting pictures of my new home. But I have been house shopping in Moose Jaw, and this is one little house that I like quite a bit. The problem is that my husband is currently in Fort Nelson, B.C., and at the moment blogger is the only way I can show him the huge pictures I've taken.

Feel free to offer opinions. . . this house is listed on MLS, so you too can check it out and weigh in.

I meant to post sooner about being back in my hometown. It's been a bit strange so far, mostly because I don't have a husband at the moment, and I feel like a sullen teenager living in a basement bedroom with my stereo and my melancholy to keep me company.

Okay, it's not that bad. . . I do have LOTS of family here, and a friend or two. But I haven't made it to the Maple Leaf bakery for delicious poppy-seed items yet, so I don't think I'm fully living the dream here yet.

Friday, January 12, 2007