Not so perfect, not so young

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


The past few days have been an interesting series of ups and downs.

Our choir went to Banff for a retreat -- we rehearsed a lot of the wonderful new music we're doing this year. I'm very excited about choir this year -- the music is beautiful, and my first few rehearsals as a 1st soprano have been surprising. My voice actually likes singing those high notes (at least in fantastic Rolston Hall at Banff). A few of us also "conquered" Sulphur Mountain this weekend -- my favourite part was that the first thing we saw when we got to the top was a $3.75 pop machine! Too funny.

So that whole experience was an 'up'. The down part came when I got home, my mom told me that one of our cousins was found dead in her bed the other morning - a wife, mother of 3 teenagers, and a wonderful person in general. It's very sad, to say the least. It's always hard for me to absorb the impact of tragedies that happen so far away from my everyday life (they live in Ontario). The family is in my prayers.

Another 'up' - I'm running the U of A "Turkey Trot" this weekend, and I'm hoping to survive the nasty hill at the end of the 8k race. I had a fantastic run last night, and if the run on Saturday feels as good, I'll be happy.

And now for the down -- I need to get myself to school to work on my research project!! Sitting here writing on a weekday morning is not quite part of my ideal workday.


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