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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Coffee + Thesis = Wonderful

If I had the right tools, I would make a button for myself that reads: Ask me what I learned in school today! because that's pretty much all I really talk about.

For example, if you or anyone you love still isn't totally convinced that smoking is a really bad idea, ask me about my voice and resonance class. Oh, the horror. You have NO idea. Please ask me.

The other thing I am dying to share with people is the physics behind why sopranos can't make clear vowel distinctions. When you're squeaking away on the high notes, all the vowels sound pretty much the same no matter how you contort your face, and now I know why. Ask me, please. I just learned it yesterday. I'd love to tell you, and I'll even draw diagrams.

Learning new things makes me very happy. As happy as writing over a thousand words on my thesis proposal makes me. I'm so happy right now. And so very full of caffeine. Yay!


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