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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Who are you and what have you done with my husband?!

Daniel and I were at the West Edmonton Mall for SIX HOURS yesterday. Daniel was shopping for glasses (his first pair ever!) and I was mainly shopping for a dress to wear to my "grad" party next month. (Cruel joke: I won't actually be finished for at least another year; only the course-based part of my degree is finished.)

Anyhow, I notice that a few posts ago I mention my shopping-related guilt with regard to Daniel's frugality. I occasionally complain to my friends that I suffer from abnormal shopping restraint when I am with him. Well, today I take it all back. He actually pointed out stores that looked like they'd have good dresses, and suggested that I try more on. He did this even when I was tired and didn't really feel like trying any more dresses on. Wow. The result is not one but two Daniel-approved dresses up for consideration.

Daniel also got his glasses. They look very good on him. Now he'll be able to read road signs, and we'll all feel a little safer.


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