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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Festive times

My family is here to celebrate Christmas a few days early, because they are traveling to New Brunswick for the holidays. Last night, we had the big turkey dinner and opened all our presents. Too much fun. I've never been a huge fan of Christmas (I like to celebrate the birth of Christ, but the expectation that everybody will suddenly glow with good cheer has always been a bit of a problem for me) but celebrating a few days early could definitely grow on me. Anyway, the early Christmas thing is great. There's not enough time for the buildup of holiday cheer, and therefore the whole thing can't be anti-climactic. Yay.

So much other stuff has been going on. I've finished all of the courses required for my master's, and now it's just practicum placements and thesis work for about a year or so. Our class had a big "grad" formal to celebrate being finished courses, and to say goodbye before going our separate ways. Daniel and I have gone to our share of Christmas parties and concerts, and of course, Daniel also had his monumental debut singing with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra (okay, the whole choir sang, but it was the most exciting for my soccer-playing, new-choir-member husband to be part of such a big event).


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