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Saturday, January 14, 2006

When too much is more than enough

I can't believe there is still chocolate from Christmas left in my house. And fruitcake. And fudge. And some cookies. And Pringles.

It just won't go away, even though Daniel seems to exist solely on chocolate and perogies. He eats an entire tray of Toffifee in one sitting, between bites of perogy. Then he moves on to the Ferrero Rocher. And there is still chocolate everywhere I turn. It must be multiplying in a dark corner of my kitchen cupboards. Scary.

So I've bought out the Safeway produce section a couple of times in the last couple of weeks to try to atone for my bad holiday eating habits. It's good for me, because I really like spinach salads with red peppers and tomatoes and mushrooms and cottage cheese and chickpeas. I'm feeling pretty healthy. Daniel, on the other hand, only eats food that can be boiled and subsequently fried (perogies, sausages), or eaten straight from the package (bagels, chocolates).

Now, occasionally I feel a bit guilty that I don't make big 'healthy' balanced meals for my husband. I don't let that guilt spur me into cooking too often, because I know that Daniel is taken out to steak lunches and all-you-can-eat buffets with the boys from work quite often.

When it does get to me, I simply pour a can of "cream of " soup over some pork chops and boil some brussels sprouts. Mmm. Gotta love home cooking.


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