Not so perfect, not so young

Friday, March 24, 2006

Daytime drama

[suspenseful, old-fashioned soap-opera organ music plays in background]

[melodramatic male voice speaks]

It's 10:22 am. 120 journal articles are strewn across her living room floor. Another 40 PDF articles are in a folder on her desktop.

[spoken with increasing urgency, organ music rising to a desperate crescendo]

Will she have those articles sorted according to their relevance to her research project? Will she have created a flowchart to illustrate that organization? Will she have gone to the library to get even more articles based on the reference lists from the original 120 articles? And all by 3:00 pm this very afternoon?

Tune in for today's episode of: Meeting with. . . The Supervisor

[dun dun DUHHHHHH]


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