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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Occupational Health and Safety

After months of existing in a bleak, brown purgatory between autumn and spring, a great abundance of snow has fallen on our city. It's a winter wonderland! As I walk to school, enjoying the brisk winter air and the sparkle of sun on an unblemished field of white, thoughts of undergrad psychology fill my mind.

So I'm not a care-free kind of person. It's no secret. I just keep thinking about how my "sensation and perception" prof used to nag us his students to WEAR SUNGLASSES WHEN OUTDOORS! I don't wear sunglasses, so I'm afraid that in addition to etching squinty winter wrinkles on my face, I am damaging my eyes in ways that I will regret a few decades from now.

Continuing with the theme of eye-damage, I've been at the library A LOT lately, photocopying article after article for a lit review that I'm working on. I'm a photocopying machine (hee hee) - I could photocopy journal articles in my sleep. Most of my efficiency comes from the fact that I don't close the lid between copies. Instead, I stare blankly at the magical light as it scans each page that I copy. Each of the hundreds of pages that I copy. Hundreds of pages of retina-searing goodness.

Um, again, eye damage, anyone? This can't be good. But who has ever been warned about gradschool-related eye damage?! (Besides the link between all the reading we (should) do and worsening myopia.)

So in the interest of preventing further damage to my eyes, my new habit is to look away as the magical light scans the pages. It's best if there's a window nearby, or one of those library posters that tells you that you're breaking the law and belong in a federal prison. Even then it's a bit strange.

(you have no idea how quickly I copy - I'm looking out the window every three seconds. I look like I'm really worried about peeping-tom library stalkers, or like I have compulsive disorder of some kind)

Now, if I just bought those sunglasses, I'd be prepared in all situations. Wearing sunglasses at the photocopier. . . hmmmmm. I feel cool just typing that last phrase. Look for me at a library near you.


  • At 5:23 PM, Anonymous Guess who? said…

    I used to try closing my eyes while photocopying, but I'm convinced the light burns right through my eyelids. Although I have always thought I had abnormally thin (and veiny) skin, so perhaps it wouldn't burn through your lids... Anyway, I digress. What I really wanted to tell you about were the fabulous new machines they just got in our library with lovely, easy-to-look-at green lights - they don't burn (eyes closed or open)! Plus, they provide ready access to new meditational states while mindlessly copying. So you should hunt around - there are better photocopiers out there!

  • At 3:40 PM, Anonymous Cassello said…

    It's true, you have another fan. I particularly enjoyed Daniel's lack of empathy towards penguin's surprising that more men (or male penguins) wouldn't choose returning to the ocean to frolic with the ladies and feast, while the other ones are left to bear the brunt of those storms. Keep up the good writing.
    ps. teo is looking rather buff now, with his new 'do'.


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