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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Daniel and I are planning to move this winter. . . back to my home town. I haven't lived there in almost ten years, since I left for school. I left the small 'city' behind, and haven't looked back. I have loved all the cities I've lived in.

Toronto unfolded in an ever-increasing radius around Trinity College for the four years I was there. I miss that city a lot. Of course, it had its problems. As a prairie girl, I found that there was a lot less horizon, and it was extremely difficult to find a place to watch the sunset. When Daniel proposed to me, he drove for over an hour into the "countryside", and we still couldn't find unbroken horizon.

When we moved to Calgary, we had the best of both worlds, horizon-wise. The mountains in the distant west, the open prairies to the east - and we only had to drive for about 15 minutes to find that open sky. It was a beautiful city, with the smoothest rollerblading trails around. Both Daniel and I had okay jobs, but there wasn't much to keep us there.

Then it was Edmonton. This is a beautiful city - we're near the river valley, and a great shopping and restaurant area. I enjoy school here, Daniel likes his job, and we enjoy the community we've found through school, choir, and church. Running here is fantastic - the air is fresh, and the trails are great.

So despite loving it here, and despite amazing job opportunities for me in this province, we're planning to move. There are a lot of advantages to the move, but it's still a struggle to really accept that it's going to happen.

Good stuff: We'll be closer to family (both mine and Daniel's - hello future babysitters!), we won't be strangers to little nieces and nephews, the cost of living will be MUCH lower (house buying?!), and there will be 360 degrees of unbroken prairie within a ten minute drive.

Maybe not-so-good stuff: Leaving a good choir (with little hope of finding one in the area), less access to shopping/restaurants, living in a place where people ONLY drive around, and other miscellaneous lame complaints

I have a year to come to terms with these things. It's nice that the not-so-good stuff is generally superficial. It's also nice that I have a chance to go along with Daniel's hopes and dreams for once. I owe him one.


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