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Friday, February 17, 2006

cough cough

I have a cold. I don't like it. I don't get sick very often, but it seems to be going around quite a lot right now. Even my 9 hours of sleep per night didn't protect me (both my mom and my husband swear that they get sick as soon as they haven't had enough sleep - they're very sensitive to that sort of thing).

I have some ideas about where I caught this cold. For example, I work with small children a couple of times a week, and many of them have been sick with colds. Even though their moms have very responsibly taught them to cough into their little bent elbows, they still do charming things like play with their chewing gum, pop it back into their mouths, and then say, "I want to hold your hand!!" My mental note to WASH MY HANDS fades over the next hour, until I've put a bite of cookie into my mouth with that same hand. Sigh. Sometimes I could use just a bit bigger dose of OCD.

Fortunately, I have an arsenal of remedies that I enjoy. For example, coffee is supposed to act as a decongestant. And chocolate, according to my friend's science-y website, contains theobromine, which is thought to act as a cough suppressant (yay for Valentine's day). And echinacea is my all-time favorite placebo/immune-system booster. Of course, I eat sensible things like fresh fruit and vegetables for good measure.

This cold is extra unfortunate because tonight, our choir is kicking off our city's first-ever 24-hour SINGATHON!! It's a big fundraiser for our African Projects Fund - our choir is doing some epic fundraising in hopes of bringing our twin choir, Mascato, to Canada from Namibia for a spring tour. There's been a lot of publicity for it recently, so it's very exciting, but we're down to the wire with a good chunk of money left to go. C'mon philanthropy! We live in a VERY rich province, so it will be very disappointing if it doesn't happen! I'll be there, lip-synching my heart out.


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